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Windows XP: Chronicle of a death foretold

April 15, 14 // 0 comments

It was heavily announced in 2007 about the end-of-support deadline for Windows XP, which is now upon us, while hundreds of millions of PCs...

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Google, Level 3 DNS services hijacked by TurkTelekom

March 31, 14 // Comments Off

Google said that most Turkish ISPs as the country battles users trying to circumvent censorship efforts by the government are intercepted its free DNS...

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Microsoft Reminds Word Users of Ongoing Attacks Exploiting Unpatched Bug

March 25, 14 // Comments Off

Users of Word 2010 have been warned by Microsoft today that in-the-wild attacts are exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in the program. The company also...

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Things You May Not Know about Microsoft Office

March 19, 14 // Comments Off

The product names of Microsoft Office have changed while Mobile APIs have been released. Microsoft Office has integrated a plethora of its other products...

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Information you may want to acquire about 3D printers for today and tomorrow

March 06, 14 // Comments Off

It seems that consumer technologies have invaded commerce quite a bit during the last couple of years, covering mobile devices, cloud services social net...

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World’s top marketplace for apps

February 27, 14 // Comments Off

App analytic commany Distimo in partnership with Wandoujia (Pea Pod) in China says that Asia is now buying the most apps in the world....

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Google pushed by Europe to change privacy policy

June 21, 13 // Comments Off

France and Spain have spearheaded a Europe-wide push to get Google to change its policies on collecting user data. The launch of the push...

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US DOJ indicts the digital curreny provider Liberty Reserve for money laundering

May 31, 13 // Comments Off

The United State Department of Justice announced today announced today the indictment against the digital currency company Liberty Reserve for $6 billion dollars of...

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Free Windows 8 Update to Address Confusion

May 22, 13 // Comments Off

A planned Windows 8 update to address complaints and confusion with Microsoft’s new operating system will be made available for free this year, the...

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How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion

May 14, 13 // Comments Off

Seriously…The Onion got hacked…The Onion…seriously…explains how it was done…seriously How the Syrian Electronic Army Hacked The Onion – Onion Inc.’s Tech Blog QUOTE from...

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