Computer Clean Up – Extend the Life of Your PC


In the daily use of computer, numerous files and data will be created on the computer system for supporting the associated performances and features, so, if you wish your computer keep running smoothly, conducting a cleaning job regularly for your PC will be very necessary and important.

Computer clean-up is always an important part for the computer maintainance, but also an indispensable measure to improve the poor performance of the PC itself via freeing up valuable system resources, so that allow the system to be able to breathe more easily. Let’s see what you should do if you decide to conduct a clean-up for your computer.

Clean out the dust

Like the furniture, car and other items we use in the daily life, computer is also easily cover by dust, which will affect the effectiveness of fans and other internal components inside the machine. Therefore, you should turn the power off, shut down the computer, and clean out those dust on the on your PC.

Clean out the junk

When talk about removing junk files on the computer, many people would firstly think about removing the junk file in Recycle Bin, however, there are many junk files additionally locate on the computer, including the temporary files and other data created by the system and installed applications, so it is much suggested to perform a scan for the computer with a professional cleaning tool, it is able to find out and remove those junk files on locate at different places of your PC.

Remove idle installed programs

There are not all of programs installed on the computer are being used by yourself, some may have been installed for a long time and you rarely use. Uninstalling these programs on the PC will save a lot of system space and speed up the computer running speed significantly.

Defrag your hard drive

For Windows 7 users, please follow the steps to defrag your hard drive

  • Click on Start button, select All Programs
  • Click Accessories, select Accessories, and System Tools
  • Locate and click on Disk Defragmenter

For Windows 8.1 users, you can choose to optimize the drive

  • Move the cursor to the right side of the desktop, then click on Search when it displays the hidden menu
  • Type “defrag” in the search box, then select “Defragment and optimize your drives”


  • Select the disk drive you need to optimize, then click on Optimize button


Clean System Registry

System Registry is a place that stores many core data and configurations of the Windows system and installed programs, but some registries are just temporary or leftovers of the uninstall programs, therefore, you need to clean the System Registry with an advanced registry optimizer, then clean those useless and invalid registries completely.

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