Inbox released a new open source platform for the Mail App

Inbox released a new open source platformfor the Mail App, which will be compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, and other platforms, it is reported that its core engine will be opened up in the near future.
For most of us, email is still the primary way to keep communicative and organizational. In fact, for most of us who work and play, its core position can not be shaken, however, its associated App is rare in the market actually , which is surprising. Start-up company Inbox apparently considered this point, the company developed a email platform to challenge traditional protocols like IMAP and SMTP. It will be compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange and other platforms.

According to the official website description of Inbox:

“E-mail is the database of your life and it carries your communication, memory and identity, but in the past few years, the development related to e-mail became increasingly difficult and almost impossible to add even the simplest features in the traditional protocols and formats, existing mail providers are stalled without any innovation, in the current e-mail ecological patterns, kidnapped users became the advertising target, mail interface is filled with a massive “social services “.”

“Today, we are excited to announce that we are taking the first step to a new email platform: a new foundation software based on open source technology, which enables you to control the data on your way. It is a bridge connecting the past and the future – a piece of white paper with a modern API’s. ”

Though the actual product of the team remains to be discussed, but certainly some people would like this concept. Most of us are much addicted to the emails than to the websites, but nowadays there is no effective e-mail management tools yet.

Have you ever thought of using e-mail to remind yourself? If so, you would use the online email platform which will basically select online cloud storage options. If the e-mail surrounding can be developed better, email engine will be able to bring us more convenience. What will Inbox team bring us in the future? We’ll see.

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