Some tips to control your Internet privacy


It is no doubt that Internet is everywhere. People are more active on line than ever. They love to shopping on line, log in their social networks and post pictures. All those activities on line will increase the risk of your privacy exploited. There are some simple tips to take to protect your Internet privacy.

1. Clean Up Your Cyber Footprint

Closing it once you don’t use your social media services, and think clearly before sharing you personal information with anyone on any platform. Make sure that your connection is secure by looking for HTTP:// as opposed to HTTP:// at the beginning of your intended web address.

2. Isolate Email and Electronic Payment Methods

When you are going to buy on line, the smartest thing to do is consolidate your cyber tools. Use a designated email account for ecommerce, and most importantly, if you insist on using plastic, use a dedicated credit card. However, it is always recommended to use an electronic option such as PayPal, Apple Pay or Amazon Payments.

3.Use a Password Generator

Are you using the same simple password such as 123456, your last name or anyone’s birthday? Stopping it! Companies including and offer free password generators and online password vaults that can help you to protect your personal information.

4.Be Cautious

You should be cautious when browsing the net that are easier than others to have spyware, malware and hackers lurking about. You wouldn’t know where and when they will attack your computer. Consider to install some Apps that helps you protect your computer. Learn how to control your cookie intake be adjusting your security-related Internet settings.

5. Pay Attention to Warnings

Be careful when pop-ups occur. It happens for a reason. Don’t five out personally information too easily. You should keep in mind that you don’t have to comply when a site asks your personal information.

6. Don’t Engage

If you don’t have anything good to write, don’t engage in writing misinformation or others hurting someone. If you think what are you doing is hurtful, never try to do it with your comments. Because your writing will never go away once posted. They are trackable and traceable, someone can lead back to you months after, even you don’t care or forget your writing.

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